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For those who want to choose Charity over Taxes

In my nineteen years as a financial planner, I have met so many people who want to be philanthropic, but feel uncertain as to whether or not they have the resources to do so, because they pay a lot of taxes. So, I sit down with people who really want to choose charity over taxes and show them concrete steps for how they can give more and pay less.

For those who want to make mindful & caring decisions about their inheritances:

I am now encountering more people who are receiving inheritances, and feel uncertainty in how best to be stewards of this money. So what I do is, I sit down with people who really want to infuse some meaning into the decisions they make with their inheritances and show them how they can do that with our unique five step process, which I have developed using my nineteen years of financial planning experience.

If you, or someone in your network is grappling with how to be more philanthropic while reducing tax, or the best avenues for their inheritance, please contact me so we can set up a meeting and begin making your dreams a reality!

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker Award Winner

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Introducing our Philanthropists of the Month John Sutton and Colleen Earle

John Sutton and Colleen Earle have long been driven to make a positive difference in the lives of others. John Sutton and Colleen Earle have long been driven to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Although that isn’t how they’d describe themselves. Instead they’d modestly say, “it’s important to ‘pay it forward’, we feel so fortunate and recognize that not everyone can say that”.

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The Give and Take of Supporting Others

As a business owner, I often get requests to sponsor clients who are, for example, doing a weeks-long trek across some challenging terrain, to raise money for women’s shelters. I even gathered my own sponsors in our tiny village of Lyndhurst in support of the Rejuvenation Committee, by swimming the 3km from one end of our lake to the other.

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Twas the Season to Be Jolly and Give!

Philanthropic Businesses is a Facebook Group I formed over the Christmas Holidays, spurred on by my phenomenal experience attending the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention (CAPS) that took place in Ottawa this past December. Giving back to both charitable organizations and non profits was a consistent theme for many of the business owners attending this conference. So much so that it elevated my desire to know more about; what charitable organizations were being supported and why.

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Honour Your Father and Your Mother

“Honour your father and your mother” is one of the Ten Commandments, which served as the primary inspiration for the building of Ottawa’s Jewish Home for the Aged, better known as Hillel Lodge. “The Lodge” as it is affectionately known has grown from its original 29 bed facility on Wurtemburg street in the Sandy Hill area – built in 1965, to its current 121 bed facility now located on Nadolny Sachs Private in Ottawa’s west end (built in 2000).

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My YMCA Story

This may come as a surprise to you that, since the beginning of its origins, the YMCA’s main value and therefore mission/vision is; the desire to be socially active and engaged in all community needs. Surprised? Many see the YMCA “only as” another gym and place where children take their swimming lessons. The Y’s vision of a healthy living for all has made it easier for people to access their many activities allowing the body, mind and spirit to be healthy.

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Friends of the Earth

Taking the Next Step – Ask your financial planner how you can help Save the Bees while managing your assets! What if you could make a difference to the fate of the bees while giving university students unique experience for their resumes? And what if you could do this tax-effectively while planning for your own future needs? If you work with a financial planner, she or he should be able to advise you on tax-effective options to help save the bees.

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