Philanthropy and Inheritance Planning

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For those who want to choose Charity over Taxes

In my nineteen years as a financial planner, I have met so many people who want to be philanthropic, but feel uncertain as to whether or not they have the resources to do so, because they pay a lot of taxes. So, I sit down with people who really want to choose charity over taxes and show them concrete steps for how they can give more and pay less.

For those who want to make mindful & caring decisions about their inheritances:

I am now encountering more people who are receiving inheritances, and feel uncertainty in how best to be stewards of this money. So what I do is, I sit down with people who really want to infuse some meaning into the decisions they make with their inheritances and show them how they can do that with our unique five step process, which I have developed using my nineteen years of financial planning experience.

If you, or someone in your network is grappling with how to be more philanthropic while reducing tax, or the best avenues for their inheritance, please contact me so we can set up a meeting and begin making your dreams a reality!

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker Award Winner

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Talking about Philanthropy

What kind of conversations are you having with your financial advisor about your core beliefs, your values, the reasons you like to give and give back? Does your advisor know which of the causes you support are the most important to you? Have you talked about the ways that strategic charitable giving can help you to make the most impact, both now and in the future? Or do most of your conversations revolve around how to reduce taxes?

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Estate Planning with Your Loved Ones

Talking about money matters can be uncomfortable, even for the closest of families. Conversations around where your inheritance will go can be especially tricky. All too often Canadians are dying with a lot left unsaid when it comes to their money; their current will...

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Why you need a “Giving Plan”

Many people find it hard to talk about their finances. In fact, a survey by Wells Fargo found that 44 percent of people see personal finance as the most challenging topic to discuss with others, more than subjects like death, politics and religion. May is officially...

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How to Magnify Your Charitable Gift Giving

My Mother was pregnant before she married my Father, and was “disowned” by her parents – tossed out of her family home. That early experience of motherhood increased her resolve to never let anything come between herself and her daughter (that would be me). When I was older she would sometimes share how difficult those first years were for her.

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Personal finances: Owe – Grow – Live – Give

There are four things we can do with our money, we can Owe (debt and taxes) it, Grow (savings and investments) it, Live (spending, lifestyle) it, and Give (charity and family) it to others. Everything we do with our money can fit into these four quadrants and the focus is placed on maximizing your return on life.

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Who do you want to benefit from your money when you are no longer here?

There is no better time than right now to consider how much charities and community organizations have given to you and your family over your lifetime. Whether you look at the societal benefits of cancer research or admire the volunteers who organized the local soccer league, community has played a big role in many people’s lives. Maybe now is the time to pay it forward for the next generation.

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