I had a lunch a couple weeks ago with my friend Anita Mercier. Just starting to work for the Kingston YMCA and already passionate about the services provided there, especially the Penguins (www.penguinscanfly.ca). This program assists kids with disabilities and their families, allowing them through sport to “explore their abilities and find within themselves the confidence to pursue their goals and the capacity to develop the skills that will help them see the many possibilities for their future.”

As a Kingstonian I am very aware of Vicki Keith whose swimming accomplishments are exemplary along with her drive to support the Penguins swim team. I remember years ago being personally inspired by Vicki’s story when she was a Key Note Speaker at a conference I attended, the topic of which now escapes me however the impression Vicki made on me has not. So, it only makes sense that following my conversation with Anita I wanted to do something special to raise money for the Penguins whose motto is “nothing is impossible.

When faced with a roadblock, or hurdle, they know how to overcome it. They learn to strive and set goals. They explore their own limits, push beyond past experiences and take on new challenges.”

Sounds like making dreams a reality, don’t you agree. This is why I am donating all the proceeds from the sale of my book Making Your Dreams a Reality: Taking the Mystery out of Financial Planning not the Magic on International Women’s Day - March 8th, 2017. We appreciate your support.


Betty-Anne Howard

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker Award Winner

Before becoming a financial planner, I worked for almost two decades in social work, teaching, and counseling. One of the most important parts of that work is asking questions, and learning as much as you can about a person’s unique needs, strengths, challenges, and dreams for the future. I’ve always felt driven to bring that same holistic and respectful approach to the financial services sector.

I believe too much of financial planning has to do purely with money, while ignoring what I call “the meaning behind the money”. After all, the point of financial planning isn’t to make money, it’s to make lives. It’s to help people do what they want to do.

Once we discover what really matters to you, we work together to create strategies, and utilise tools that can absolutely make your dreams a reality. Whether you want to improve your financial literacy, plan for the future while enjoying the present, or be more philanthropic while paying less tax, I can get you there.

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