Making Your Dreams A Reality: The Book

Taking The Mystery Out of Financial Planning—Not the Magic—One Quote at a Time!

Making Your Dreams A Reality

What You’ll Discover Inside


How to:

  • Reignite the dreamer in you
  • Carve out a financial path that aligns with your core values
  • Realize that the magic is in the journey
  • Deepen your commitment to your future
  • Inspire you to see what is possible
  • Blend and balance personal development and financial planning
  • Infuse your life with the meaning behind the money
  • Thoughtfully connect your use of resources to what really matters in your life

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“Horses, magic, unicorns, phoenix rising! What, you may ask, does this have to do with financial planning? Read on my friend as Betty-Anne Howard has managed to tap into the heart and soul of our industry with the help of her co-creators. This book is a rare gift: motivating, inspiring, while educating you a bout the true nature and what is at the core, for many of us, working within financial services.”

Chris Reynolds

President and CEO, Investment Planning Counsel, Inc.

“This book is warm, heartfelt, and most of all inspiring. It captures the true essence and importance of financial planning in a fun, thought-provoking way. Grab a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy! Betty-Anne’s candour is refreshing and will leave you wanting more.”

Sarita Rebelo

MPA, Wife, Mother, Policy Analyst, and Client of Betty-Anne’s, Ottawa, Ontario

“What I love and appreciate about Betty-Anne’s book is each chapter is joyfully serious. A scene is painted and a provocative question asked. I was left both thoughtful and inspired. And I should also add, I was left seriously joyful!”

Tim McElvaine

President, McElvaine Investment Management Ltd.

“Similar to how Susan Cain’s Quiet revolutionized the way the world views introversion, this deeply insightful book promises to revolutionize the way we all view another frequently misunderstood subject: the field of financial planning. Howard offers an examination of a topic that takes up much of our time—money—and somehow manages to do so in such a fresh, charming, and inviting manner that even the most finance-phobic out there will find themselves won over. Overflowing with inspiring quotes and illuminating anecdotes, this is a book for anyone seeking clarity regarding their personal finances—that is to say, everyone.”

Brooke Warner

Publisher, She Writes Press, Berkley, California

Betty-Anne Howard, Maggie Ashton, and Marlene Armstrong spent an entire weekend, between meals and riding horses, and gathering with friends, discussing the meaning behind these quotes, going deeper both personally and professionally. Before becoming a Certified Financial Planner®, Betty-Anne spent 17 years in the social and emotional health services field as a counsellor and teacher. This experience, in addition to her Master’s Degree in Social Work and Honours Degree in Psychology, informed her more holistic approach to Financial Planning. For her, Financial Planning isn’t just about the money; it’s about “the meaning behind the money.” Betty-Anne is passionate about making information accessible to all and is driven to connect and educate.

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