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The Magic of Sex

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker and Award Winner

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In my former career as a training consultant, I travelled across Canada speaking to, and teaching a variety of audiences on a near-daily basis. This was several years ago, and though I enjoy public speaking, it’d been a while since I presented for a large audience, so I decided to participate in Steve Lowell’s High Impact Speakers Showcase.

His tag line kept drawing me in, like a magnet – “Turning Passionate Leaders into Influential Speakers”.

I’ve always been fascinated by speakers who convey their messages in an impactful, creative and fun way. These are the talks and speakers who stand out, the ones whose stories and messages really resonate, and stay with you. They are able to transcend from simply giving a speech, to providing a memorable experience which empowers listeners and motivates them to apply the techniques or philosophies being communicated.

That was my goal for the talk I intended to deliver, I wanted it to be memorable and to stand out.

Originally my topic was going to be; “The Magic of Sex and Money” however the concern was that the impact I wanted to have would be lost if we included the word “Money” in the title.

I would like to take a minute to let you know that when I was completing my Masters Degree in Social Work, back in the 80’s, at Carleton University in Ottawa, I had the opportunity to work in a sex and marriage clinic for a six month period. The work was so fascinating and enlightening I actually considered becoming a sex therapist full time.

You may be wondering what the Magic of Sex has to do with Financial Literacy and Financial Planning Week. Please let me explain.

When I stopped to think about it, the Magic of Sex and the Magic of Money and Financial Planning had a lot in common. A lot more in common than you might imagine.

Words, Tools and Fun can, and should be central to both!



We need our words in order to make sense of the world, to have conversations, to find common ground and express ourselves. Words are an integral part of the language we speak. The challenge for both sex and financial planning is that we don’t share a common language. The words we use aren’t familiar to us, and thus we don’t speak the words easily. Words can have different meaning depending on the context and who is saying them. We often times lack a vocabulary that will allow us to communicate with each other both in terms of sex and money.

Words can be intimidating or unfamiliar and this is a barrier to seeking knowledge and expression. Once we become more comfortable and familiar with the words and language associated with both sex and money I believe we are on the road to experiencing more magic in our lives as a result.


Did you know that the most important tool when it comes to sex is something that we all share? Hint - it’s between our ears.

It’s our minds! 90% of sex is what’s going on in your head.

What’s going on in your head is based on many different factors including; your history, family upbringing, societal messages, and your own personal experiences, just to name a few. Similarly, when it comes to your dreams and the financial plan you’ve enacted to make those dreams a reality, your mind and mindset play an integral role.

Becoming aware of your internal dialogue, the messages you’ve internalized and are now playing out in your life helps you gain a much better understanding of the interplay between your mind and your life.


I believe that we need to find ways to have more fun in our lives, especially when it comes to sex and money/financial planning.

There’s a personal balance to be achieved that will allow us to enjoy our experiences, taking the pressure off of “succeeding” at whatever we’re doing in favour of enjoying the moments more.

Have fun, explore, be curious and above all else enjoy!

How can we bring more magic into our lives when it comes to sex and money/financial planning?

As we become familiar with the words that will work for us, expanding our vocabulary and tuning into our minds, it becomes evident that our own internal dialogue is a valuable way to improve our understanding of this magnificent tool we all possess. Recognizing the integral role that what we tell ourselves plays, coupled with bringing joy and fun into our experiences can go a long way in manifesting more magic in our lives.

Betty-Anne Howard

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker Award Winner

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