Financial Literacy

We get rid of the mystery, so you can focus on the magic and begin making confident, meaningful decisions with your money. We do this through:


Enhancing your understanding of how money works so that your money can do the best possible work for you.


Taking the boredom and frustration out of the financial planning process through our online Fun Financial Literacy course. (coming soon)


Speaking engagements to educate and inspire those who want to make their dreams a reality.


Workshops and courses for couples who want to live “happily ever after!”

I believe financial literacy is important.

I also know that for many people it’s scary, unfamiliar, and intimidating. But fear not!

I have been developing two resources that will take the mystery and fear out of financial literacy, so that you can begin making immediate progress toward your own financial goals, and ultimately start to see your dreams become reality.

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker and Award Winner

1. Fun Financial Literacy Course

The first is a Fun Financial Literacy Course in partnership with Trevor Strong, a renowned Canadian comedy writer and musician, who is also a fantastic educator, along with the help of Jack Seymour, a communications and public relations specialist. We’ve put together simple, achievable lessons, using plain language, and real world examples and analogies.

Instead of trying to tell you about the course, I’ll ask that you read the following excerpt, and then decide if it’s for you. We think you’ll find it refreshing, and dare we say, fun!

Financial Literacy Course Excerpt (click to open/close)

Financial planning—say these words and people twitch.

Are you twitching right now?

It’s okay if you are. It’s easy to see why. From the endless stream of incomprehensible financial acronyms that bombard you, to that all-pervasive message you get from newspapers, finance shows and the media, telling you that if you don’t get your finances in order—THIS VERY SECOND!—you’ll spend your golden years in a cardboard box under a bridge fighting rats for scraps of garbage, it’s no wonder so many people put off financial planning. It can be pretty scary. And what do we do when we’re scared?—scurry into a corner and hide.

Hide no more! Come out and look around—see, things aren’t so bad.

You see, in this course we are not going to tell you what to do, instead we’re going to ask you what YOU want to do and then give you the tools to do it.

And who, exactly, are we? Well, I’m Trevor Strong, a normal, everyday human like yourself when it comes to financial planning. I’ll be doing most of the talking. The other part of “we” is Betty-Anne Howard, a Financial Planner who isn’t exactly your typical financial planner. Before she entered the field, she worked as a social worker and a teacher. And while she has the requisite financial expertise — she’s a CFP, a CLU, and a CHS – and possesses many other acronyms as well, it is her knowledge and experience of how to make money work for people (instead of the other way around) that this course is based on.

So let’s cut right to the chase. What’s the biggest barrier to financial planning? Well, you might say, “Not having enough money,” and that’s a good guess. But there are many people who have all sorts of money (at least temporarily) and still don’t have a plan. No, the biggest barrier to financial planning is fear: fear of screwing it up, fear of looking like an idiot, fear of not understanding all the lingo and jargon. And that’s why we’re going to explain everything in plain English and translate the jibber-jabber for you as if it was a foreign language… which it is. We believe YOU must be involved in your financial future as much as possible, and that the more you know about how financial planning works, the easier and more fun it will be.

Did I just say “fun?” How can financial planning possibly be fun? Isn’t it a serious subject that should only be talked about seriously? Well, what the heck do you want your money to do for you anyway? Do you just want to seriously count it, and look at your serious statements and then seriously die without seriously having any fun? The whole point of financial planning is to make things easier, so you can actually go out and enjoy yourself. And there’s no reason that the fun can’t start with learning about financial planning itself. So relax, we are not going to scare you.



Instead of an endless stream of infographics, acronyms, and doomsday scenarios, we’ll be using people, places, and stories to show you how to make the most of your opportunities and choices. Some of them might even be funny. The information is still there, just in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand. So, you know, you might actually want to finish the course. We’ll be focussing on you. Who are you? What dreams do you have? And, just as importantly, what kind of financial baggage are you lugging around, and how can we help you get rid of it?

We’ll start with the basics, then get into the habits that got you to where you are now. Then we move into the really good stuff: your dreams. It’s only once we’ve got all this sorted out that we move on to all the gritty details of saving, investing, and budgeting. Also, to help illustrate what’s going on, Betty-Anne will be telling stories from her life and financial practice so you can see how finding the meaning in the money has helped her and others.

After all, the point of financial planning isn’t to make money, it’s to make lives. It’s to help people do what they want to do. A financial plan is really a life plan, a plan that is created by the questions that you ask. So if you ask, “how can I avoid living in a box under a bridge?” you will get a very different answer than, “how can I make sure I live a life that means something to me.”

And we want you to have a life that means something to you.
We also don’t want you living in a box under a bridge.
Unless you’re into that.

2. Financial Literacy Quiz and Workshop for Couples

The second is a Financial Literacy Quiz and Workshop for Couples, which I am developing in partnership with Kathleen Pratt.

Our goal is to draw on the strengths of each of your characteristics, and allow you to discover how your partner thinks and feels about your financial scenario.

This will not only help you live together harmoniously, it will make you and your partner a better team while working towards making your combined dreams a reality.

We are excited about this workshop. If the workshop date below has passed or the registration is full, stay tuned for future dates and times. Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

“I think I was having problems with the sound because I was recording this in our kitchen and we live in a log home with very high ceilings, sorry about that everyone!” - Betty Anne

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