Financial Literacy

We get rid of the mystery, so you can focus on the magic and begin making confident, meaningful decisions with your money. We do this through:


Enhancing your understanding of how money works so that your money can do the best possible work for you.


Taking the boredom and frustration out of the financial planning process through our online Fun Financial Literacy course. (coming soon)


Speaking engagements to educate and inspire those who want to make their dreams a reality.


Workshops and courses for couples who want to live “happily ever after!”

I believe financial literacy is important.

I also know that for many people it’s scary, unfamiliar, and intimidating. But fear not!

I have been developing two resources that will take the mystery and fear out of financial literacy, so that you can begin making immediate progress toward your own financial goals, and ultimately start to see your dreams become reality.

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker and Award Winner

1. Fun Financial Literacy Course

The first is a Fun Financial Literacy Course in partnership with Trevor Strong, a renowned Canadian comedy writer and musician, who is also a fantastic educator, along with the help of Jack Seymour, a communications and public relations specialist. We’ve put together simple, achievable lessons, using plain language, and real world examples and analogies.

We think you’ll find it refreshing, and dare we say, fun!

2. Financial Literacy Quiz and Workshop for Couples

The second is a Financial Literacy Quiz and Workshop for Couples, which I am developing in partnership with Kathleen Pratt.

Our goal is to draw on the strengths of each of your characteristics, and allow you to discover how your partner thinks and feels about your financial scenario.

This will not only help you live together harmoniously, it will make you and your partner a better team while working towards making your combined dreams a reality.

We are excited about this workshop. If the workshop date below has passed or the registration is full, stay tuned for future dates and times. Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

“I think I was having problems with the sound because I was recording this in our kitchen and we live in a log home with very high ceilings, sorry about that everyone!” - Betty Anne

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No one likes to think that greed could drive wedges into otherwise good family relations, but it happens all too often. Good financial planning allows you to clearly explain your wishes to family members. Although it might be challenging, planning for your death is an essential component of sound financial and personal planning.

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Do you feel uncomfortable approaching the topic of money with your partner? Many couples feel anxious when discussing money because of differences in their personal relationships with money. These differences can also cause friction in your partnership.

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I am a self-proclaimed “Woman of Extremes”. I am either working hard or playing hard! Whether it’s helping clients make their dreams a reality in my financial planning business, writing blogs and giving talks, or spending time with my horse Stella, it’s rare that I feel at a loss for things to do!

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Money, Sex & Happily Ever After

I am developing this workshop in partnership with Kathleen Pratt. We are pleased to announce our first workshop will be held on Valentines Day. Our goal is to draw on the strengths of each of your characteristics, and allow you to discover how your partner thinks and feels about your financial scenario.

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Building your dreams: How taking the first steps in financial literacy can benefit young people

For many young people, financial planning is something that only people with a lot of money need to do. That’s what I used to think too. I’m a recent university and college graduate, but it was a summer spent working construction, and more recently, some proofreading and editing for my mentor, Betty-Anne Howard, that made me realize that financial planning can help anyone – even an impoverished new grad like me!

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