Elevating The Impact of Charitable Organizations By Magnifying Donor Gifts Through:


Speaking engagements with charitable organizations to inject excitement into their philanthropic process and fundraising endeavours.


Partnering with charitable organizations to attract new donors, while building on existing relationships.


Inspiring donors to connect with their purpose, and ignite their passion for leaving a legacy via our unique and creative Visual Philanthropy Toolkit.

Meet Betty-Anne Howard - She wants to Make Your Dreams A Reality

I know it can sound unrealistic, or even downright naïve, to say “I’m going to make your dreams a reality”. But here’s the thing – it isn’t!

Before becoming a financial planner, I worked for almost two decades in social work, teaching, and counseling. One of the most important parts of that work is asking questions, and learning as much as you can about a person’s unique needs, strengths, challenges, and dreams for the future. I’ve always felt driven to bring that same holistic and respectful approach to the financial services sector.

I believe too much of financial planning has to do purely with money, while ignoring what I call “the meaning behind the money”. After all, the point of financial planning isn’t to make money, it’s to make lives. It’s to help people do what they want to do.

Once we discover what really matters to you, we work together to create strategies, and utilise tools that can absolutely make your dreams a reality. Whether you want to improve your financial literacy, plan for the future while enjoying the present, or be more philanthropic while paying less tax, I can get you there.

Financial planning shouldn’t be a chore, or an order, it should be an invitation. So, what would you like to do?

Betty-Anne Howard

Financial Planner, World Class Speaker Award Winner

Here is what I’m Passionate About

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Here are the most recent posts from my blog.

Money, Sex & Happily Ever After

I am developing this workshop in partnership with Kathleen Pratt. We are pleased to announce our first workshop will be held on Valentines Day. Our goal is to draw on the strengths of each of your characteristics, and allow you to discover how your partner thinks and feels about your financial scenario.

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Twas the Season to Be Jolly and Give!

Philanthropic Businesses is a Facebook Group I formed over the Christmas Holidays, spurred on by my phenomenal experience attending the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention (CAPS) that took place in Ottawa this past December. Giving back to both charitable organizations and non profits was a consistent theme for many of the business owners attending this conference. So much so that it elevated my desire to know more about; what charitable organizations were being supported and why.

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Honour Your Father and Your Mother

“Honour your father and your mother” is one of the Ten Commandments, which served as the primary inspiration for the building of Ottawa’s Jewish Home for the Aged, better known as Hillel Lodge. “The Lodge” as it is affectionately known has grown from its original 29 bed facility on Wurtemburg street in the Sandy Hill area – built in 1965, to its current 121 bed facility now located on Nadolny Sachs Private in Ottawa’s west end (built in 2000).

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Betty-Anne Howard is a force of nature - an inspirational speaker whose stories pull at your heartstrings and then she demonstrates how to grow your heartfelt ideas into realization.

~ Beatrice Olivastri, CEO, Friends of the Earth Canada and Chairperson, Ottawa Chapter, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

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